Classic Planet of the Month: Planet Skaro


d01-048-048-01.jpgThe First Doctor: Circa 2263. [C1.2, The Daleks.]

d02-048-048-01.jpgThe Second Doctor: The Far Future. [C4.9, Evil of the Daleks]

d04-048-048-01.jpgThe Fourth Doctor: Circa 1776. [C12.4, Genesis of the Daleks.]

                                           Circa 2979. [C17.1, Destiny of the Daleks.]

Also, refer to ADDITIONAL NOTES at the very end which describes items of note that concern Doctors:

 d03-048-048-01.jpgThird, d07-048-048-01.jpgSeventh, d08-048-048-01.jpgEighth and d09-048-048-01.jpgNinth.


Universe: Normal Space.
Galaxy: A galaxy beyond the Milky Way [Refer to ADDITIONAL NOTES.]
System: Twelth planet oribiting Skaro’s sun.
Human colony: No.



Circa 1776. [C12.4]

Skaro is a battleground, a wasteland, as for a thousand years a war has been fought across its surface.  The population of each side in this war have, as their main base of operations, a huge domed city, and these two cities each have a large bunker beneath. The two sides are the Thals and the Kaleds.  Radiation is causing life on the planet to mutate.  The Thals encounter for the first time their new enemy – the Daleks.

Circa 2263. [C1.2]

Although the Thals survive, the plant and animal surface life of the past is now all dead on the planet, although in swamps mutated underwater creatures thrive.  Skaro now features petrified jungles – a product of the long war, which ended 500 years ago when the Kaled domed city was destroyed by Thal weaponry.  [This becomes in Thal folklore a Neutronic War lasting one day rather than a centuries long conflict.]  There is another Kaled city however, situated on a plain between the petrified jungles and the mountains.  A city of spires and strange geometry.  The majority of the city is actually underground.  Radiation levels are high.

Circa 2979. [C17.1]

The surface of the planet [at least, the area visited by the Doctor] is a quarry-like wasteland, but small green shrubs can be seen, so there is once again plant-life.  Ruined concrete buildings dot the landscape.  The Kaled bunker still exists below the surface.  Radiation levels on the surface are still high. 

The Far Future. [C4.9]

There is another underground city, similar in some ways to one near the petrified jungle, except the design is very different.  Instead of curved white walls, there are repeating hexagonal and herringbone patterns, and the walls and floors are dark.  The hexagonal design continues with the part of the city visible above the surface. [Compare to the design of the Dalek ship in C25.1, Remembrance of the Daleks.]  In the central nexus of the city there is the throne room of the Dalek Emperor.



Circa 1776. [C12.4]

The humanoid popluation of the planet is mainly divided into two societies.  The Thals and have been at war for a thousand years with their enemy the Kaleds.  [The Thals are effectivley the protagonist-group of the story, but this is mainly as they face the Daleks.  They are not wholly sympathetic and just as warlike as the Kaleds.]  (Apart from these two warring sides there are also the Mutos, who are the mutated humanoid population.)

The Thals reside in their domed city, and use a mixture of technology, advanced and primitive, as resources have grown scare over hundreds of year of continuous war. 

Circa 2263. [C1.2]

The Thals are living in a more primitive society now (and are now pacifists), after their domed city was invaded by the Daleks 500 years ago.  They still have remnants of their advanced technology, including supplies of radiation drugs.  Since the war ended 500 years ago, they believe they have mutated over this time to their present form.  [This seems unlikely.  Is this more Thal folklore, like calling the Kaleds “Dals” and like the Thal folklore presenting the thousand year war as a Neutronic War lasting one day?]

2540. [C10.4, Planet of the Daleks.]

The Third Doctor meets space-faring Thals on Planet Spiridon, and these Thals are from Planet Skaro. [As the Daleks of the city by the petrified jungle are no longer a threat and the other Daleks have left the planet, the Thals appear to have planet Skaro to themselves.] 

Circa 2979. [C17.1]

By this time, the Thals have departed from Skaro (like the Daleks before them who travelled out into space.)  The Daleks have now returned though, on unfinished business, and have captured Earth-humans along the way.  These Earth-humans now toil in the mines.

The Far Future. [C4.9]

The Daleks have returned to Skaro and made it the centre of their empire. [The zog people in Evil of the Daleks, C4.9, that is, the people we root for against the monsters, are represented in that story by Victoria Waterfield.]


c12-04-01.jpgc01-02-01.jpg c17-01-02.jpgc17-01-01.jpgc04-09-01.jpg

Circa 1776. [C12.4]

The Daleks! Living, bubbling mutant creatures full of hate within a fearsome mechanical shell casing.  [All emotions removed except hate, as noted in N1.6, the episode Dalek.] Created by Davros, the head of the Kaled Science Elite who reside in the Kaled bunker. When Davros unveils his creation, he describes the casings as Mk III travel machines. [Davros himself uses a Mk I travel machine.]

The thousand year war ends with the rise of the Daleks (they destroy the Thal domed city).  Later, the Kaled bunker is sealed by the Doctor’s actions – and the Daleks and Davros are trapped within.  As the production lines are started up again by the Daleks, they apparently kill Davros, leaving his body in the bunker.

[Circa 2000.  Speculation.  The Mk III Daleks emerge from the bunker and explore Planet Skaro.  They find the city beside the petrified forest and begin more production lines to create more Daleks.  Without Davros’s guidance, and limited resources, they experiment with creating more from an earlier blueprint from Davros’s records – the Mark II travel machine.  The city is populated with Mk II Daleks.]

[Circa 2100.  Speculation.  Dalek technology progresses.  They have now achieved interstellar travel.  An advance force to test the idea of planet invasion is assembled, comprising of Mk IIa Daleks.]

2157. [C2.2, The Dalek Invasion of Earth] [The Mk IIa] Daleks invade Earth. [The Mk II Daleks do not have the vertical power slats – this distinguishes them from Mk III – the MkII run on static power through contact with the floor of the city by the petrified jungle.  The Mk III Daleks have modified the Mk II design to include a dish to receive power – the Mk IIa.  The Mk IIa experimental Daleks are slightly deranged, which explains their plan to remove the magnetic core of the Earth and pilot it around the galaxy…]

Circa 2263. [C1.2]

By this time the [Mk III] Daleks have abandoned Skaro and are exploring the galaxies.  The First Doctor encounters the remnants of the [Mk II] Daleks in their city.  This is the end for the Daleks on Skaro – for now. They will return centuries later.

2540. [C10.4, Planet of the Daleks.]

[The Thals now have Skaro to themselves.]  The Third Doctor meets space-faring Thals from Skaro.

Circa 2979. [C17.1]

It is now the time of the Dalek-Movellan war.  The Daleks return to Skaro once again to try and find Davros – he may be the key to breaking the stalemate of their war. (By this time the Thals have all departed Skaro.) Over the past few centuries the Daleks have become even more machine-like as their rigid logic of this time demonstrates.

[This blog calls the Daleks of this era Mk IIIa, which signifies the more computerised logical nature of these Daleks.  On page 51 of the book Terry Nation’s Dalek Special by Terrance Dicks published by Target in 1979, the cross-section of the interior of a Dalek (which this blog identifies as a MkIIIa) shows the “Combat Computor” (rather than “Computer”) next to the Dalek mutant.  This technology would again be referenced in C25.1 and N3.4&5.]

Davros is dug up and revived (he was in suspended animation) by the Daleks, only to be frozen and taken away by Earth-humans.

[The other Zog Monster on Skaro at this time are the Movellans.] 

Circa 3069. [C21.4, Resurrection of the Daleks.]

Davros is thawed out by the Daleks to assist once again against the Movellans (they have developed a Movellan virus which affects Daleks.) Davros schemes against the Daleks, not trusting them.

Circa 3086. [C.22.6, Revelation of the Daleks.]

Davros survives the events of Circa 3069 and creates his own Daleks loyal to him – white and gold Daleks with a slightly different design.  [This blog calls these Daleks Mk IV.]

[Circa 3100.  A Dalek Civil War begins – between Mk IVa (the Mk IV design has been tweaked) white and gold “Imperial Daleks” of Davros, now proclaiming himself Emperor, and the Mk III grey “Renegade Daleks” loyal to the Dalek Supreme.]

[Circa 3163.

NOTE. This blog suggests this is the original timeline, keep reading and all will be explained. This is the point at which the Doctor alters the timeline, but this blog suggests the original timeline from circa 3163 is as follows…

Davros leaves Skaro for 1963 Earth.

The Renegade MkIIIa (now using a central human battle computer, C25.1) Daleks win the war and the Dalek Supreme is triumphant and the Imperial Daleks are defeated.]

[Circa 3200. Speculation. Over the next few centuries, as the Daleks experiment with time travel technology. The stroppy Daleks of The Chase, C2.8, suggest Mk III Daleks are back in fashion rather than the more robotic Mk IIIa. Note also the defeated Imperial Daleks seemed to be more robotic than the Renegade Daleks, another reason to revert to Mk III? The Third Doctor prevents Daleks from this time from altering the timeline of Earth, C9.1, Day of the Daleks.]


With Skaro as their base of operations, Daleks travel to the Milky Way (after an absence from that galaxy of 500 years) with plans of domination, with the Dalek Supreme in control of the Master Plan. [The Daleks’ Master Plan, C3.4]

The Far Future. [C4.9]

The Daleks still occupy Skaro, but Dalek society has changed.  In control there is now a new Dalek Emperor.  The Doctor precipitates another Civil War. The final end?


[The Seventh Doctor’s actions in Remembrance of the Daleks C25.1 alter the timeline. The activation of the Hand of Omega, which the Doctor tricks Davros into blowing up Skaro circa 3163 mean the events of 4000, the Daleks’ Master Plan, C3.4 and the Far Future, Evil of the Daleks, C4.9, never actually happen.  The Daleks are still active across the galaxies, but without Skaro which is now gone.]


[The events of Genesis of the Daleks C12.4, where the Doctor did not change the timeline, and Remembrance of the Daleks C25.1, where he did, are seen by the Daleks as the beginning of the Last Great Time War, a war between these two civilisations. (Refer to the article Meet the Doctor by Russell T. Davies in the Doctor Who 2006 annual which notes Genesis as being a perceived beginning of the War.)  During the Last Great Time War, all of the Daleks and Time Lords (and Gallifrey) are apparently destroyed, and are no longer part of the timeline of the universe.  However, the Doctor survives, as do some remnants of the Daleks – RTD1.6, RTD1.12&13, RTD2.12&13, RTD3.4&5, RTD4.12&13.  This blog calls these bronze Daleks – Mk V Daleks.]




A well-realised truly alien world across all of its stories (especially in the serials from the Sixties), the first alien planet in the programme is the one planet to rise to the level of icon.  So iconic that it was felt by the makers of the 1996 TV Movie that it simply must be included in the story, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the plot.

Zog Rating: 9


Skaro’s galaxy is never mentioned on screen, but it does make sense that it would be a galaxy other than the Milky Way, considering the events of The Daleks’ Master Plan, C3.4.  Before they attempt their invasion of Earth’s galaxy, they have been active outside of the Milky Way, it is stated on-screen – and Skaro is their main base of operations, at this time (and in that timeline.)

Although all ten Doctors have met the Daleks, only the Doctors mentioned earlier have visited the Planet Skaro on-screen.  Here are items of note which concern the following Doctors:

Third Doctor: He met some space-faring Thals who from Skaro. C10.4, Planet of the Daleks.

Seventh Doctor: He made Davros blow up Skaro with the Hand of Omega. C25.1, Remembrance of the Daleks.

Eighth Doctor: The 1996 TV Movie. He transported the Master’s remains from Skaro after the Master’s trial by the Daleks. WTF?

Ninth Doctor: “Ten million ships on fire…I watched it happen, I MADE it happen.”  The Ninth Doctor reminisced about Skaro and the Hand of Omega, or so this blog likes to think. RTD1.6, the episode Dalek.

Update January 26th, 2009: Text of the Davros era revised.


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