Planet Earth-2.5


d10-048-048-03.jpgThe Tenth Doctor: 2007. [RTD2.5&6, Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel]


Universe: Parallel Universe-2.5.
Galaxy: Milky Way-2.5.
System: Third planet from the sun.
Human Colony: No.  Not a colony as such, though it is populated by parallel-universe humans.



This parallel Earth [this blog calls it Earth-2.5.  Not to be confused with Earth-DDD, from C7.4] is similar to the Earth of the Doctor and Rose and Mickey in many ways.  The main visible difference when they arrive are the many zeppelins above the skyline of London.  Technology is more advanced than Rose’s Earth of 2007 in some ways.  The look of the place is sometimes reminiscent of the 20s and 30s Art Deco design of Rose’s Earth. 



Everyday life for the people of Earth-2.5 involves much use of EarPods from Cybus Corporation.  Illustrated in the image is a moment where daily information is downloaded directly into their minds.  Society in Britain-2.5 differs from Rose’s Earth as there is a President of Britain rather than a Prime Minister.



The EarPods are just one part of John Lumic’s plan to use his Cybus Corporation to “upgrade” humanity – to place their brains into metal bodies.  His creation – the Cybermen! These Cybermen from this parallel universe are of a chunky, apparently Art Deco-influenced, design. [The 1927 film Metropolis by Fritz Lang also seems to be an influence.] [Refer also to ADDITIONAL NOTES for the other Cybermen.]



In the Russell T. Davies plan for the 2006 Season of Doctor Who, this parallel Earth fulfills various functions: it sets up the idea of a parallel world that is part of the arc of the season; it allows RTD to have the Cybermen beginning again fresh for the 21st Century; it allows an Earth-like setting while still travelling to an “alien” world.

This blog doesn’t rate the stories though, just the “zogginess” of the planets, and so…

Zog rating: 3


The Tenth Doctor also briefly visits this planet in the episode Doomsday, RTD2.13.  (It is the year 2010 on Earth-2.5 when the Doctor visits from 2007 again, from his universe.  Does the breach between the universes, created by the Void Sphere, extend across time too?)

In the Doctor’s universe there are Cybermen too, who were created on the planet of Mondas. In C2.4, The Tenth Planet, Mondas is the “twin” of Earth which wandered out of and then was propelled by the Cybermen back to the Solar System in 1986.

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