Planet New Earth


d10-048-048-03.jpgThe Tenth Doctor: The year 5 billion and 23. [RTD2.1, New Earth.]

                                         The year 5 billion and 53. [RTD3.3, Gridlock.]


Universe: Normal space.
Galaxy: M87.
System: Orbiting New Earth’s sun.
Human Colony: Yes.


n02-01-03.jpg          n03-03-02.jpg

The year 5 billion and 23. [RTD2.1]

New Earth is the main human colony that Earth-Humans have settled on after the destruction of the Earth. [Earth destroyed in The End of the World, RTD1.2, a few years earlier] The Doctor and Rose land on the surface near New New York, a spectacular city of skyscrapers and flying cars.  They are across the water from the city on a plain of applegrass, where there is a large hospital building.

The year 5 billion and 53. [RTD3.3]

The Doctor and Martha arrive in the undercity of New Earth – beneath the surface of planet people live in gloomy isolation from the city of New New York above.  The transit tunnels are full of traffic jams of flying cars which take years for what were previously simple journeys.




The year 5 billion and 23. [RTD2.1]

At the hospital beside New New york, the hospital is populated with human and alien patients – including the Face of Boe [appearing again after RTD1.2].  The cat-nun-nurses The Sisters of Plenitude who run the hosipital also have, secretly, artificial-humans which they use for tests.

The year 5 billion and 53. [RTD3.3]

The people of the undercity of New Earth, who are a mixture of cats and humans, mainly reside in the gridlocked vehicles.  The Face of Boe appears again, thirty years later, as does Novice Hame who in her mind is trying to atone for the events of thirty years ago.




The year 5 billion and 23. [RTD2.1]

[There are various Zog Monsters here on New Earth, with a lot of plot crammed into episode RTD2.1, not always coherently.]  Cassandra, last seen by the Doctor at the destruction of Earth [RTD1.2] appears here again, and possesses the body of Rose.  The cat-nun-nurses of The Sisters of Plenitude are revealed to be ruthless in their misguided medical quest.  The artificial-humans prove to be a threat to New Earth (although they are just misunderstood.) 

The year 5 billion and 53. [RTD3.3]

Although the people above in New New York initially appear to be the monsters, the monsters here are – the Macra! [Illustrated here with an image from C4.7, The Macra Terror.]  They have “devolved” over billions of years, since the Doctor last met them – from a mighty empire to the beasts lurking here.



As officially the very first “planet zog” to appear in the Russell T. Davies revival of Doctor Who, this is not too radical in its “zogginess”.  Russell is easing the viewers into the second year of Nu-Who with a recognisably Earth-like planet (although the story New Earth is a bit of a mess.)  Revisiting the planet in the third year allowed an enjoyable social satire in the style of Season 24 to be told, but the planet is just not that alien, and so…

Zog rating: 5


The two stories set on New Earth, RTD2.1 and RTD3.3, form a “Face of Boe” trilogy along with the earlier story, The End of the World, RTD1.2.

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