The 2007 Season episodes 3.1 to 3.7

n03-00-01.jpg “I was scuba diving.”

After the Auton invasion (N1.1), an alien ship demolishing Big Ben (N1.4&5), the craggy alien ship shot down over London (N2.X), and the ghosts/metal monsters invading the whole world (N2.12&13), we have another would-be invasion – with a sinister Christmas decoration hovering over London.  Catherine Tate has a great line in The Runaway Bride, N3.X, about scuba-diving which flippantly tries to gloss over the strangeness of recent times (there is a similar discussion in Remembrance of the Daleks, C25.1).  The spin-off Torchwood has been tackling similar ideas across its episodes (presumably the world-changing events of T1.13 End of Days occur just after the time of The Runaway Bride.  Would Donna notice those?  Unless those events were “re-set”.)

We have another present/past/future opening trio of episodes (N3.1, N3.2, N3.3) and we return to a “Planet Zog” from the previous season: the planet New Earth. 


Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks, N3.4&5, see the return of the Daleks – the second part of this two-parter providing a even more disappointing story than the episode New Earth.

After the very trad, very Classic-in-style Lazarus Experiment, N3.6, we have the episode 42, N3.7.  From the 2007 Season Preview from RTD in the pages of the Radio Times and the BBC Podcast commentary for the episode 42, we learn that this is a return to the 42nd Century of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.  (Although the 42nd Century was not mentioned in the 2006 Season.)  As mentioned previously, the years 2000 to 4000 are laden with lots of Classic Who continuity baggage, and the Nu-Who production team have tended up till now to avoid those years, so this may suggest they are more confident in mixing Classic and Nu-Who future-history.  Or maybe Russell liked the idea of the episode 42 being in Century 42!


There are no “new” “Planet Zogs” in the season so far (although we have had enjoyable stories set on or close to – Earth’s moon and an alien sun.)  What will the rest of the 2007 Season bring?

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