Supermassive black holes

This week on BBC2 there are a couple of factual programmes featuring black holes. (As seen on television’s Doctor Who’s The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.  Click on the Tenth Doctor on the right-hand-side column of planetzogblog for more on this black hole and its orbiting planet.)


Tonight, Tuesday, at 7:30pm, in part five of The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide, Adam Hart-Davis describes the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

He also investigates the solar weather (featuring Gamma-Rays) of our own sun. As the BBC2 listings blurb for tonight’s programme says “…writhing magnetic fields that occasionally snap, releasing millions of tonnes of material towards earth that can disrupt communications and electricity supplies.”

That doesn’t mention helping to power Dalek Experiments-after-the-Final-Experiment though.

(Link to BBC/OU article on – from beyond our galaxy – Gamma Ray Bursts, which doesn’t mention Daleks either. Gamma-Ray Bursts also feature on the programme.)

On Saturday, September 8th, at 1.00pm, The Sky at Night is titled Black Holes and Black Magic.

The BBC2 listings blurb says “Sir Patrick Moore uses magic to explain the mysteries of black holes and the wonders of the Universe.”

(Link to BBC2 site.)


Update September 5th, 2007: After watching the Tuesday programme, the above has been reworded to distinguish between the Gamma-Rays from our own sun, and the phrase Gamma-Ray Bursts, which describes mysterious Gamma-Rays from beyond our galaxy.

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