Torchwood – stay with it, it gets better!

Torchwood (the “adult” spin-off from Doctor Who) premiered in the US on BBC America on Saturday, September 8th at 9pm. (Yesterday.)

(Update January 15th, 2008: Click here for more Torchwood.)


Here is a link (click here) to Alan Sepinwall’s blog on this topic. (He’s the TV Critic for the New Jersey newspaper The Star Ledger.)

He’s writing about the first four episodes. He raises the point that, going by these first four episodes of Torchwood, the recently-broadcast-in-the-US Doctor Who episode Human Nature is actually much more “adult” than Torchwood.

Well, planetzogblog can’t disagree with that.

However, if you’re watching it – stick with it.  Episodes 1 through to 6 are of variable quality, but things pick up from episode 7 dramatically, and the show is excellent from episode 7 through to 13 (the season’s end.)

Here is a viewer’s guide to help you to get through to episode 7. (It may be a struggle sometimes.)

Torchwood Season One, episodes 1 to 6 – a viewer’s guide.

Episode 1: Everything Changes.  This is actually a very good introductory episode.

Episode 2: Day One. Don’t be put off by the silliness here.  It gets better. Stay with it!

Episode 3: Ghost Machine. This one’s okay.

Episode 4: Cyberwoman. Well. This is one is silly too, and there are certain risible elements to the story, but – relax!  So long as you watch this, knowing it’s supposed to be a romp – it’s good fun.

Episode 5: Small Worlds.  A good episode, a serious episode, but disorientates the viewer following the bizarre and less-than-serious Cyberwoman.

Episode 6: Countrycide.  Just tell yourself as you watch this one “this is the worst one, the show gets much better.” Repeat this over and over.

Episodes 7 to 13 really are excellent (well, the finale is slightly odd, but on balance very good.)  The tone of the first six episodes is all over the place, but the last seven are more cohesive.

So, America, keep watching!

It gets better!

Update January 15th, 2008: Click here for more Torchwood.


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