One aspect of the concerns Russell T. Davies has about “Planet Zog” (click on About on the header of planetzogblog for more) is that he is sci-fi writer hoping to reach a mass audience.  In the latest Cassutt File at Sci Fi Weekly, Michael Cassutt discusses this subject:

“…the problem of selling a sci-fi or fantasy series to a television network, noting tremendous resistance to any concept set in a world that isn’t the here and now. Which means, no futures. No starships or distant planets or Martian colonies.”

(Link this particular Cassutt File at Sci Fi Weekly.) 

(As one of the links to the two magazine articles he discusses seems not to be functioning at the moment on that webpage, you’ll find those articles here and here.)

Another theme of this Cassutt File is that of audiences liking the idea of a “Chosen One”.

The revamped Doctor Who seems to have taken this idea on board.  Whereas previous companions would join the Doctor in the TARDIS almost at random, the Doctor actively chooses his companions now…


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