Doctor Who and religion: part 3 – Love & Monsters & Stories


This is the third article in a regular weekly series of articles from planetzogblog on the topic of Doctor Who and religion. (Clink for link to the article last week on the same topic.)

Following on from part 2, which featured the 2006 Season, episodes 7, 8&9, here are some brief thoughts on the next episode:

(Please note, if you haven’t seen this season, the plot is discussed.)

The 2006 Season, episode 10.

My theory for this season is that, Russell T. Davies, with the intention to make Doctor Who a complex and multi-layered experience, with the arc of the Doctor and Rose, has allusions to the Old Testament Eden story and the New Testament story of Christ in the Wilderness, both of which have the theme of: Temptation.

This episode takes a side-step from the main storyline, to focus on the character of Elton, and his interpretation of part of the story of the Doctor and Rose.  (The gospel according to Elton perhaps.)

Episode 10: An unreliable narrator?

Episode: Love & Monsters

There is much that can be said about this brilliant episode, but I’ll highlight some ideas that are often overlooked, and ask questions rather than provide answers…


So, the scenes on Elton’s camera – they happened – we know that much, right?


Why does his band (who he tells us about, rather than show us on his camera) sometimes sound not-so-great, sometimes amazing?


Jackie tempts Elton.

Are there parallels between Elton/Jackie/Ursula and

the Doctor/Madame Pompadour/Rose?


What really happened when Elton met the Doctor?


Why doesn’t Elton’s camera show us Ursula?


What do you think?

Part 4 of this series of articles will discuss more of the season…

Update: Link to next part added here (click for part 4.)

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