Doctor Who: Time Crash review

Time Crash Review.

Stream of consciousness style…

Okay.  The mini-episode begins.  As I thought from the preview in the Radio Times with Moffat mentioning “grumpy” Davison, it’s a contrast of chirpy Tennant versus “grumpy” Davison.  Hold on though – was Davison ever grumpy, as such? Mildly peeved with a weary air for sure.  “Colin-esque” is more the word that springs to mind as Five snaps back at Ten.  Not a great start.

Davison looks old – because of “Time Differential” meeting-of-Doctors, or something, says Tennant.  The words Blinovitch Limitation come to mind but what’s the reason this ain’t a problem with multi-Doctor-stories again?  I dunno.

The continuity-fest begins.  Subtle, this one though.  Davo managed to get his Sonic Screwdriver wrecked and didn’t use it from that point on (while Tennant uses his one all the time, even to brush his teeth) hence Tennant’s jibes about kettles and string.  Are the “not-we” following all this?

Davo doesn’t twig Tennant is the Doctor.  Then this mini-episode goes all “meta” (or “self-referential” or “postmodern”.) Davo thinks Tennant’s a fan.  Suddenly the mini-episode smashes through the fourth wall, but lurches back again with mention of L.I.N.D.A. from Love & Monsters.  A similar scene in The Unquiet Dead told the same joke better.

So far – not great.

Moffat’s lost it?

“Cloister Bell” – the continuity-fest continues.  Some techno-babble about a supernova/black-hole mash-up and Moffat is losing it for sure.  Next – the lowest point for Moffat, with a crass recycling of the elegance of his own episode Blink’s timey-wimey.  Davison calls the Master’s beard “rubbish”.

This is not good at all.


With the remaining minute or so – Moffat turns this mini-episode round.  Yeah!  The episode goes all “meta” again, but this time in a good way.

“I love you.”

Apparently, number Five is number Ten’s favourite Doctor.

He loved the way he was young and vigorous after being various old men.  (Hey, Tom wasn’t that ancient.  Mind you – Season 18?)

Ten continues.  “Squeaky voice” when excited.



He’s modelled himself on his favourite.  He IS a fan!

The fourth wall crumbles (and yet doesn’t) at the meta-ness of it all, but this fan doesn’t care – Moffat has saved this seven minute mini-episode with a beautiful ending.

“You were my Doctor.”

Moffat’s still got it, yo!

That was great.


4 Responses to “Doctor Who: Time Crash review”

  1. Stu Says:

    I’m answering here because Sofa isn’t working very well at the moment.

    True and all of the Doctors could be described as doing all of those things, but not necessarily to the extent that David did. Plus as I mentioned, Pete’s grumpiness looked to have been carried over from the Big Finish version of him.

  2. John Nor Says:

    Note: I commented on Stu’s Time Crash review on Sofa (Behind the Sofa blog) which Stu is responding to here – click this sentence to read the comments on that blog.

    Welcome to planetzogblog Stu.

    Yes, I noticed Sofa seemed to be down yesterday.

    I suppose you could, as you say, find each Doctor’s version of the defining Tennant characteristics that you listed:
    “…[1]making observations, [2]making fun, [3]turning on a dime in a crisis and [4]shouting which are things that Davison’s Doctor rarely did.”

    As I said, #2, making fun – Davison was more subtle and wry. I could add… McCoy would be funny through slapstick, Troughton would be disingenuous and amusing.

    Though, as you say, with Tennant, these characteristics are to the fore.

    Good point about Davison being grumpy in Big Finish.

  3. FrillyShirtBlogger Says:

    I liked how the sketch does work in various levels, like we talk at in that thead at the AZ.

  4. Matt Says:

    Doctor Who-Time Crash is a delight and one which puts one of my absolute favorite Doctors in a New Series setting. I loved Petter Davison when he was the current Doctor, and I love him now. I enjoyed Tennant’s reaction to his former self immensely. Now if only we can get a full multi-Doctor episode in time for the Golden anniversary in 2013….

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