Torchwood dating

One of the more interesting BBC “extras” for Torchwood Season 1 was the website, (that was in addition to the main website.)

The extensive content was intriguing, with fictional documents providing some extra detail on each episode.

It’s all gone now, and what’s replaced it at is an ARG game.  It too seems to add to the fictional world of Torchwood.  One minor thing about it that irritates me (very slightly) is a message:

From Gwen to Owen
Thursday 10th January 2008
Owen, weren’t you going to write up a report of the Himalayas mission?

Of course, Torchwood’s Himalayas mission was mentioned in The Sound of Drums – which, in the fictional world of Doctor Who (and Torchwood) was during late June 2008.

Did the BBC learn nothing from UNIT dating?

(I’m joking.)


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