Torchwood 2.8: A Day In The Death review


A Day in the Death

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Wordbuilding  World-mapWorld-mapWorld-map
Gore                Weevil-chompWeevil-chomp
Dancing           Carys
Angst               Tear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizza
Aliens              PhiloctetesPhiloctetesPhiloctetes

On Gore.

“Meanwhile, back at Torchwood…”

Last week’s Dead Man Walking had the atmosphere of an episode from the latter half of Torchwood Season 1, and so did this week’s: a sequel-of-sorts to the previous episode.  A Season 1 atmosphere?  This focus on death is similar; Owen is abrasive and obnoxious here like Season 1, (but also sensitive and wise like the 2008 Owen).  In fact, Gorman can show his full acting range as the episode’s focus is on the character of the now “undead” Owen, with a minimal (though complexly structured) plot.

Though there are the two similar “undead” Torchwood agents, to clarify the difference, Owen notes that Jack “lives forever” and Owen “dies forever”.  There are some horrific moments here where Gorman conveys the awfulness of Owen’s fate, more horrific than any Gore drenched scene of Season 1’s Countrycide.
Episode Quality-rating: GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin

The most abstract Torchwood alien artifact yet didn’t “reset” Owen (as some viewers may have expected) but provided a intriguing resolution of the episode’s themes. Though not as great as the sublime episode Adam earlier this season, this is perhaps the second greatest Torchwood episode so far.


One Response to “Torchwood 2.8: A Day In The Death review”

  1. FrillyShirtCyberman Says:

    Even if I loathe Owen’s character (it reminds me of a lot of jocks I’ve met and suffered in my life), I quite liked his trilogy. A day in the death was probably my favourite too.

    The alien stuff was a bit of a Macguffin, wasn’t it? I hate to use the buzzword, but it was more about the “emotional journey” bits and bobs.

    Loved the bit between Owen and Jack talking about “forever”, but I have some problems with Cap Jack on this trilogy: is he just being plain nasty or does he have some self-loathing issues? I mean because he’s a bit nasty to Owen in here (coffe maker!!).

    Loved the use of the Battles’ Atlas song.

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