Torchwood 2.10: From Out of the Rain review


From Out of the Rain

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Aliens              Philoctetes

On Aliens.

“I don’t believe this Jack, what were you doing there?”
Toshiko, in this episode.

Doctor Who? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Angel? Sapphire and Steel? Which television series does Torchwood most resemble? After watching this episode, I would have to say Seven of One (starring Ronnie Barker), a series comprised of seven separate comedies that also functioned as possible pilots for seven different sitcoms.

Torchwood (starring the five main actors) often seems like a series comprised of separate stories intended to be part of several different Sci-Fi/ Fantasy shows, (despite them all featuring the same characters and the same “Torchwood” Hub.) This is not a good thing.

The actual story was fascinating, but I couldn’t quite enjoy it as the world of Torchwood became wooly and indistinct once more. Where are the Aliens?  Just as Season 1’s P.J. Hammond fantastical episode added to the tonal confusion of the previous episode (successful) horror-comedy Cyberwoman, so did Season 2’s P.J. Hammond fantastical episode add to the tonal confusion of the previous episode (unsuccessful) horror-comedy Something Borrowed

This week’s episode contained some of the most wonderful dialogue and imagery of Season 2, but there was one major element of the plot that really distracted: there were the “Night Travellers”, and there were the people of Jack’s travelling show, which we were told were different people – but by the end of the episode the difference had become hopelessly confused. Or was that part of the story?
Episode Quality-rating: GrinGrinGrin

Enjoyable, but doesn’t quite gel as a story.


2 Responses to “Torchwood 2.10: From Out of the Rain review”

  1. FrillyShirtCyberman Says:

    I quite liked the mood of this one, but I expected a bit more from the tantalizing hints here and there (Jack coming out of the picture would’ve been sweet).

    I gave it a 5 just for sheer ambience. Then again, I love stories with lots of rain and this one did feature quite a lot!

  2. John Nor Says:

    Yes, Frilly, in some scenes at least it was the most atmospheric of the season for sure.

    The best scenes were the ones with the two Night Travellers by themselves without Team Torchwood.

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