Doctor Who 4.1: Partners in Crime review


Partners in CrimePartners in Crime review

“You brought a… hatbox?”
“Planet of the hats: I am ready.”

Donna is prepared.

Episode star rating: **** (out of a possible five)

That was good fun.

Essentially a riff on the Doctor/Martha relationship, with inversions of two key scenes from 42, (the miming through the circular window, the offering of the key to the machine on a golden chain from Doctor to companion, companion to Doctor.)

Another riff and inversion is the invitation in the street to step into the TARDIS from Smith and Jones , only this time the companion is arguing for shared adventures – standing in the TARDIS.

So, there is more to this episode than the amusing antics of the Adipose, (which I enjoyed too.)

The final scene of Donna waving to her Grandad was, for me, quite an emotional scene.

I enjoyed episode this a lot.

Update April 6th, 2008 at 1.00pm: Three 2007 Martha pictures to illustrate the text of review added (and the three 2008 Donna equivalents to be added soon…)

Update April 1st, 2012: Added the three 2008 Donna equivalents! Finally.

circular window silent communication
circular window silent communication

golden key to machine
golden key to machine

wanna come with me?
wanna come with me?


6 Responses to “Doctor Who 4.1: Partners in Crime review”

  1. Adam Says:

    I enjoyed it too. Donna is my new favourite companion.

  2. Erika Says:

    I love Donna as a companion! She is like a breath of fresh air.

  3. Frillyberto Says:

    I thought it was marketed as simple, light fun romp and it delivered on those grounds. I’d appreciate if they left a little more spaces without music (like the great scene where Tennant is alone in the TARDIS… very good that one), since it felt the whole episode had music all the time.

    I gotta admit I never seen Catherine Tate in anything else before (except Runaway bride). I checked some sketches of hers after watching this episode, just to compare. Her show wasn’t THAT bad, but I can see why so many people in the AZ got tired of her sketches.

    Anyhoo, Fires of Pompeii looks promising, and even better, a week after is another Harper fun-o-rama! :D

  4. John Nor Says:

    Adam, Erika:
    I agree, Donna was great.

    Well, that is one of RTD’s catchphrases about Doctor Who these days – “It delivers!”

  5. keithmansfield Says:

    Picking Catherine Tait as companion is as bad as when Sylvester McCoy was cast as the Doctor. In fact it’s much worse – when McCoy got the gig, the show was down and out anyway so no one cared that much. This time the show had been firing on all cylinders, other than Tait’s Christmas special (ditto this year’s with Kylie).

    No one I know is watching any more. Some day soon (mark my words it will happen, she will turn to the Doctor and say “Am I bovvered?” At least my early Saturday evenings are unexpectedly now free…

  6. chris Says:

    This episode just screened in Australia and I am pleased to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with Donna in the new role as assistant. I was one who thought Catherine Tate would be a terrible assistant but I was wrong.

    This episode was very well done and I am very much looking forward to Series Four now. A little worried after watching the Titanic Epsiode last week (which was pretty poor if truth be told) but now feeling much more confident.

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