Doctor Who 4.6: The Doctor’s Daughter review


The Doctor’s Daughterta da

The Doctor: And and Jenny that’s the woman from the machine, the soldier [sniff] my daughter except she isn’t she she anyway where are you?

Episode star rating:***** (out of a possible five)

My initial reaction was one of disappointment as the pre-credits teaser played, as it seemed that Jenny was not Susan’s mother after all, but a “progenation”. However, the pow, zap introduction was such fun (the Hitchiker’s Guide musical reference warmed me to the idea) any such disappointment faded away and we began the main part of episode (after the credits) with the new status quo – the Doctor has a daughter.

Or does he? His gradual acceptance that, indeed, he does, was the heart of the episode. The scene where, even after two heartbeats, he tells her she is an echo, “that’s all, a Time Lord is so much more” was amazing, with none of the Tenth Doctor’s bonhomie or warmth on show, just a cold bitterness. The slow turnaround was very moving to watch.

Jenny’s awkward questions were great. The Sonic Screwdriver is really a weapon these days isn’t it? Someone had to say it.jenny hooray

There was a definite Season 18 vibe to this episode, in particular The Leisure Hive machine was recalled, as were the crashlanded ships of E-space (Full Circle in particular.) Recent episodes that were recalled included Utopia – I would rank this brilliant episode up with that one.


One Response to “Doctor Who 4.6: The Doctor’s Daughter review”

  1. Ivan S Says:

    I think the idea of Doc having a daughter,Jane,a sort of a soldier girl,was really great. A bit faulty at moments,but with a bit of a work-up and some detailing it would make a good spin-off opening for an all new series.
    The part when Doc says she’s “just an echo,that’s all” was a bit heartbreaking,but made a point in the followup-“Timelord is much more” is true,but seems like it fully applies on her (the outro scene where she sighs and comes back to life). She essentially IS a Time Lord.
    And,as far as the sonic screwdriver,it may be a multi-purpose-all-in-one-toolkit,but the Doc (played brilliantly by David Tennant) used it as a full-scaled weapon more than once. So much for his pacifist mentality. LMAO
    Here in Croatia we’re merely on season four so I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

    And as far as I’ve seen on some forums Donna will…what,stick around throughout season four,maybe even five? :)

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