Some thoughts before the Doctor Who: Journey’s End review

The planetzogblog Doctor Who: Journey’s End review will appear tomorrow, but here are some thoughts, before the broadcast of the episode, on the previous episodes of the season.

Classic Season 18 was the end of an era, as the Fourth Doctor regenerated at the end of Season 18.

The Doctor’s Daughter, this episode reminded me a lot of Season 18, and the stranded ships of the three E-Space stories.

There was also the Cloister Bell at the end of Turn Left (which was heard in Logopolis.)

The Shadow Proclamation of The Stolen Earth: the stiff formality of the people and their costumes, those scenes seemed very similar to The Leisure Hive or Logopolis.



Some thoughts. Are these references intentional? Is this the Tenth Doctor’s Season 18? The end of an era?


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