45 years of Doctor Who (and one Zygon)

The Zygon who fell to Earth

It was forty five years ago today: that the very first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast.

To celebrate, why not listen to The Zygon Who Fell to Earth on BBC Radio 7 today?

Click “read the rest” for more.

This blog’s previous article was about the new season of Eighth Doctor & Lucie on BBC7 (click for link), and today on BBC Radio 7…

The Zygon Who Fell To Earth – 23 November 6.00pm and Midnight.

It’s a sequel to a previous Eighth Doctor & Lucie story Horror of Glam Rock. Paul Magrs wrote both these stories.
There should be an iPlayer Listen Again link, for up to 7 days after broadcast, at this link (click here.)


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