Some thoughts on Torchwood Seasons 1 & 2

Some thoughts on Torchwood Seasons 1 & 2…

This Saturday, not so much a review as a ramble. As Torchwood Season 3 is broadcast next week, I’ve been ruminating on Seasons 1 (link) & 2 (link). (Having now reviewed every episode on planetzogblog.)

Season 2 in some ways was an improvement on the first season, in that the very best episodes of Torchwood (Adam, A Day in the Death, Fragments) were in this second season.

However, the worst episodes were too – Something Borrowed, Exit Wounds. As one of these episodes was intended to be the satisfying conclusion to the season (indeed two seasons) this was disappointing.

To focus on the worst episodes – there is inconsistent characterisation of the Torchwood Team in episodes like Something Borrowed, but the most frustrating element of Torchwood is the lack of worldbuilding in episodes like Exit Wounds e.g. no real idea conveyed at how Torchwood is supposed to function in its own fictional world.

Torchwood Season 3 will hopefully polish this aspect of Torchwood?


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