Torchwood 2RP.3: The Dead Line review


The Dead Line

Rhys: Something out of the Rift you mean.

(Originally broadcast 03 July 2009 – available as a BBC Podcast download and on iPlayer as described at this link e.g. click here.)

There is a good “Sci-Fi” idea at the core of the story, and unlike Lost Souls, the science makes sense. Sort-of. If today’s computers still used telephone modems instead of broadband it might have been more resonant, but really the Ianto monologue (as if he is speaking down “The Dead Line” of a phone, unsure if Jack can hear) raises the story above the average Torchwood story.

After the poetic but clunky Asylum and the middle story, the absolutely superb Golden Age, this third Torchwood radio play of 2009 is not quite as good as the previous story but still an excellent drama.

Quantity-ratings (click here for guide to rating system):

Episode Quality-rating: Grin4/5


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