Torchwood 3.1: Children of Earth Day One


Children of Earth Day Onetorchwood children of earth day one review

Gwen: What’s occuring?

And so, after BBC Three and BBC Two for the first two seasons, Torchwood makes the transition to BBC One. As it’s now a fancy BBC One mini-series, it doesn’t have the “And Torchwood is ready” voiceover anymore, leaving it to the drama to explain to a newbie expanded BBC One audience what Torchwood is.

So what is Torchwood? As Gwen seems to suggest to Rupesh, it’s not quite part of Her Majesty’s Government of the UK, but still funded by Her Majesty, or at least, “the Crown”? Is Torchwood a QUANGO?

I will expand upon these thoughts later, but I will say this episode of Torchwood was a stonking start to the week.

Quantity-ratings (click here for guide to rating system):

Wordbuilding World-mapWorld-mapWorld-mapWorld-mapWorld-map
Gore               Weevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chomp
Dancing          CarysCarysCarys
Angst              Tear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizza
Aliens             PhiloctetesPhiloctetesPhiloctetes
Episode Quality-rating: GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin5/5

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