Torchwood 3.5: Children of Earth Day Five


Children of Earth Day Fivetorchwood children of earth day five review

Gwen: That Doctor…

I’m using that pic of Donald Sutherland Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) again – the scary “ooo” (from the review of ep 3), to illustrate in part that the resolution was foreshadowed. (Though using the pic seems slightly flippant for such a harrowing drama.) A great resolution for a great season, one of the greatest seasons of Doctor Who or Torchwood ever.torchwood children of earth day five review

Looking back, it’s interesting to see the “genre-creep” (is that a word?) of the five episodes, beginning as a rollicking spectacle and gradually metamorphosing into a horrific political allegory. At last, all the promises of an adult drama for an adult timeslot were realised. The John Selwyn Gummer moment for Frobisher was horrifying.

The other pic illustrating the review features Owen and Tosh, included in the roll call of Steven / Ianto / Tosh / Owen / Suzie at the end, at what seems to be the end of TW Chapter One.

After these day-by-day reviews, a review of the season as a whole, sometime…

Quantity-ratings (click here for guide to rating system):

Wordbuilding World-mapWorld-mapWorld-mapWorld-mapWorld-map
Gore               Weevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chomp
Dancing          CarysCarys
Angst              Tear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizza
Aliens             PhiloctetesPhiloctetesPhiloctetesPhiloctetesPhiloctetes
Episode Quality-rating: GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin5/5

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