Doctor Who C1.2: The Daleks review


The DaleksThe Daleks review

Alydon: If they call us mutations… what must they be like?

Story Code: C1.2.
Production Code: B.
Story Number: 2.
Countdown week: 38…

The Daleks – Ep 1 – what a cliffhanger! What is that sink plunger thing that has spooked Babs, eh? Great start to the story. Ep 2 – there’s a LOT of angst in these early episodes of Doctor Who. Much angst for Susan this episode.
The Daleks review
Watching Eps 3 & 4 again, I’ve realised this time around that the guard uniforms in the film Colditz = Dalek shell. Also, that these Thals are as verbose as the cavemen.

Talking of the cavemen – the TARDIS team preach kindness and cooperation to cavemen, but (with Ep 5) preach war to this new tribe, the Thals (because they need Fluid Link)? It’s more complex than that, and the characters do question why exactly they are getting involved, but the Fluid Link seems to be the ultimate reason, at least at the start of the discussions.

As for the “expedition” for the Fluid Link/Dalek & Thal “war” (Eps 6 & 7), it really is the least impressive part of the story, but the rest of the serial means this is a total classic for the programme Doctor Who.

Rating: 5/5


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