Doctor Who C1.3: Inside the Spaceship review


Inside the SpaceshipInside the Spaceship review

The Doctor: You know I really believe I have underestimated that young lady in the past, Chartow.

Story Code: C1.3.
Production Code: C.
Story Number: 3.
Countdown week: 37…

Early 1964, and before the Beatles bring forth their version of psychedelia in late 1965, Doctor Who is way ahead of the psychedelic curve with this story. A story that for many years would be unique in the saga of the programme, (at least until the episode Midnight in 2008.)
Inside the Spaceship review
It doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense, even considering the story is supposed to be disorientating, and because of that it’s not quite one the best stories of this great season.

An early example of ingenuity in the production process of DW across the years, as story-production-scheduling requirements are used as a springboard to a wonderful 50 minutes of television, and not for the last time.

Rating: 4/5


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