Doctor Who C1.5: The Keys of Marinus review


The Keys of MarinusThe Keys of Marinus review

The Doctor: I don’t believe that man was made to be controlled by machines.

Story Code: C1.5.
Production Code: E.
Story Number: 5.
Countdown week: 35…

The season was going so well!

There are some enjoyable elements to the story, notably the production design of the first and the sixth-and-final episode – featuring the Voord and the pyramid on the beach. The sequence of mini-stories that are loosely grouped together in Doctor Who’s first “quest” are a tedious lot though. There is little ryhme or reason to anything that happens, giving the story the atmosphere of a dream, but not in a good way.
The Keys of Marinus review
As in the story The Daleks, the TARDIS Team are motivated to find some small gizmo(s) to help themselves on their way to the next TARDIS-hop, though unlike The Daleks, the complexities of the motivation and situation are not debated. Ultimately the controlling machine is foiled, though more by luck than design.

Along the way, the mini-stories contain interesting curios like the character-perspective-cam in Morphoton which raise the story above “awful”.

Rating: 2/5


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