Doctor Who C5.1: The Tomb of the Cybermen review


The Tomb of the CybermenThe Tomb of the Cybermen review

Professor Parry: How did you know we would release you? You could have remained frozen forever.
The Cyber Controller: The humanoid mind. You are inquisitive.

Story Code: C5.1.
Production Code: MM.
Story Number: 37.
Countdown week: 31…

Season 5 – unfortunately not a lot of the episodes remain in the BBC Archives (as it was normal practice in the ’60s for the BBC not to retain already-broadcast episodes of any programme.)

However, telerecordings of all four eps of this story appeared in Hong Kong in 1991, paralleling the idea (in the story) of the Cybermen being stumbled upon years later.

The first episode is a classic “the group is split up” scenario, but intriguing as the group is split across three adjacent rooms (in a contrast to the wide open spaces of the planet), with a slightly bizarre cliffhanger where it’s not clear what actually happened (until the next episode.) The next episode is chock-full of iconic images as the Cybes emerge from their “honeycomb” tomb (Klieg compares them to bees in winter in an interesting turn of phrase) with an iconic cliffhanger. “You will be[e] like uzzzzzzzz.”

Great so far…

The Tomb of the Cybermen reviewThe third episode builds upon the greatness of the second, but the plot unravels with the final episode: most of the Cybes return to the tomb at the start of that episode to “conserve energy.” Still, the iconic imagery and the wonderful “they sleep in my mind” scene mean that the story has an above-average rating.

Season 5 Base-under-siege-ness 2/5. (Most of the Cybes retreat to the tomb soon after emerging, sieging nobody.)

The Tomb of the Cybermen review

Target novelisation cover (Jeff Cummins) notes: Not quite the right model of Cyberman.

Season 5 “When I say run” count, 1 in Ep 4, so 1 so far.

Rating: 4/5


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