Doctor Who C5.2: The Abominable Snowmen review


The Abominable SnowmenThe Abominable Snowmen review

The Doctor: Oh dear, a very obstinate man.

Story Code: C5.2.
Production Code: NN.
Story Number: 38.
Countdown week: 30…

Even though only Episode 2 is complete (in the BBC Archive) of the 6 eps, watching the story was still a hugely atmospheric experience, because of an excellent fan-recon making good use of the existing telesnaps.

The Abominable Snowmen reviewIt has a very sparse plot for a 6-episode story, but still brilliant because of the mood of Lovecraftian dread; the well-drawn characters; the great production design (including the “Yeti chess”). The seemingly-influenced-by H.P. Lovecraft central idea of a horror from beyond the stars emerging on Earth is subtly done, and mixes well with the Eastern mysticism of the story.

Season 5 Base-under-siege-ness 3/5. (There is one scene where one Yeti advances towards the base while the other two “siege”.)

The Abominable Snowmen review

Target novelisation cover (Chris Achilleos) notes: Excellent cover in the classic Achilleos style.

Season 5 “When I say run” count, the Doctor says it to Jamie in Ep 4, so 2 so far this season.

Rating: 4/5


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