Doctor Who C5.3: The Ice Warriors review


The Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors review

Victoria: …the warriors are from Mars, and oh Doctor it’s horrible!

Story Code: C5.3.
Production Code: OO.
Story Number: 39.
Countdown week: 29…

In this story, the costumes and set of the Brittanicus Base (apart from the Georgian mansion setting) look very Sixties (even though it is the future). This is a good thing. There is a nice scene where Jamie (in the 1740s fashion of the Scots) tries to convince 1860s Victoria that the female attire of the future-Sixties is a good thing, unsuccessfully.

Victoria and her reaction to the Ice Warriors are central to this story, a major part of what makes the story tense and eerie. There is an eerie atmosphere throughout – helped by the intriguing way that each episode begins: the spooky music and the massive episode number amongst the ice. A very tense story, though a great fan-recon of eps 2 & 3 (the Ice Warriors emerge) meant I could appreciate that these were the most tense of the six episodes. The story does have some runarounds – though these are minimal.
The Ice Warriors review
The great Peter Salis as Penley is at the heart of the story, navigating between the computerhating Storr and Clent (who has too much reliance on the computer.) Prescient eco themes abound (or ECCO themes, as the novelisation calls the computer.)

Season 5 Base-under-siege-ness 2/5. (It is the glaciers rather than the Ice Warriors doing the sieging really.)

The Ice Warriors review

Target novelisation cover (Chris Achilleos) notes: Another excellent cover from Achilleos, which empahsises the central role of Victoria.

Season 5 “When I say run” count, none this episode, so 2 so far this season.

Rating: 4/5


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