Doctor Who C5.4: The Enemy of the World review


The Enemy of the WorldThe Enemy of the World review

Giles Kent: That’s what I’m trying to tell you about Salamander. He’s trying to destroy the world!

Story Code: C5.4.
Production Code: PP.
Story Number: 40.
Countdown week: 28…

Some 6-episode DW stories don’t have much plot, but this story does – as there are plenty of plot twists along the way. The cliffhanger to episode 1 is superb (”Why, hello Bruce” indeed. Troughton rocks.) I watched a superb fan-recon of the eps (which used the existing telesnaps) which meant I realised the Troughton eyebrows are a major part of the characterisation of Salamander and the Doctor.
The Enemy of the World review
This story features: Bond. Jamie Bond. Also, Fariah Neguib and Astrid Ferrier – excellent Bond Girls. Regarding Doctor Who Henchmen: is Benik even more unpleasant than Nyder? I don’t really understand why this story is, in general, not rated very highly by Doctor Who fandom. Possibly one reason is that for a lot of people the mixture of Doctor Who and James Bond films is a strange one, they perhaps are more used to the idea of Doctor Who mixing with the gothic horror of Hammer Film Productions. Another reason being, perhaps, that it doesn’t quite fit with the general feel of the rest of season, not featuring any monsters or bases under siege.

However, I rate it highly – which means, for me, the season continues in fine style.

Season 5 Base-under-siege-ness 1/5. (Not a base-under-siege in the story – which makes it unique this season in this aspect.)

The Enemy of the World review

Target novelisation cover (Bill Donohoe) notes: Not my favourite cover by this artist.

Season 5 “When I say run” count. None this story – though Jamie does say “When I say duck”, and the Doctor says “Come on, run … Don’t argue, run. Come on. Come on!” Count is 2 so far this season.

Rating: 4/5


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