Repeat of Season 2 of Eighth Doctor & Lucie on BBC7

More BBC7 Doctor Who drama next week…

Derek GriffithsZygon

Featuring the great Derek Griffiths – and a Zygon.

After the original broadcast of Season 2 (link), the the Season 1 repeat (link) of the last two weeks

BBC7 continue with their repeat of Season 2 of Eighth Doctor & Lucie next week, there are episodes every day Monday (tommorow) to Thursday (Eps 3,4,5,6). Episodes 1 & 2 are on iPlayer. (BBC7 broadcasts, two each day, at 6pm and then midnight.)

Click here for link to “last on” eps (with iplayer links).


Dead London
Great episode written by Pat Mills.

Max Warp
A satire of Top Gear, though too fluffy a satire. Not very good.

Coming up, from Monday onwards…

Brave New Town
An intriguing, brilliant story. One of the best Eighth Doctor & Lucie stories. Can’t say much more than that without mentioning too many plot details. Featuring Derek Griffiths in one of the roles.

The Skull of Sobek
From the writer of Ghost Light – that ’80s TV story was complex and layered; this story is just unintelligible.

Grand Theft Cosmos
Nice return of some Season 1 characters.

The Zygon Who Fell to Earth
The last of the BBC7 season, I haven’t listened to it yet (saving it for later), should be good though – Paul Magrs writer.

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