Doctor Who C5.6: Fury from the Deep review


Fury from the DeepFury from the Deep review

The Doctor: Oh, this wasn’t a mechanical sound.

Story Code: C5.6.
Production Code: RR.
Story Number: 42.
Countdown week: 26…

I was amused that the Doctor uses the Sonic Screwdriver for the very first time ever – and it is to unscrew some screws.

Watched a fan-recon: that Mr Oak and Mr Quill clip that still exists is terrifying! There also seems to be lots of telesnaps, which is a great thing, as this story has some superb images in it (and none of the six episodes are in the BBC Archive). Those images and the well-sketched characters combine for a chilling atmosphere.

Fury from the Deep review

From pulsating web-fungus to pulsating seaweed-foam: it’s no fun any more for Victoria! Unusually for a Doctor Who companion exit, there is some foreshadowing during the story. After a metatextual solution to the seaweed-foam problem (which involves the Doctor Who tradition of a companion screaming at the monsters) it’s goodbye to Victoria with a nice coda.

Season 5 Base-under-siege-ness 4/5. Very base-under-siege-y.

Fury from the Deep review

Target novelisation cover (David McAllister) notes: Seaweed!

Season 5 “When I say run” count. None this story. Count is 2 so far this season.

Rating: 5/5

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