Doctor Who C10.1: The Three Doctors review


The Three DoctorsThe Three Doctors review

Third Doctor: Jo, it’s all quite simple – I am he and he is me!
Jo Grant: And we are all together, goo goo g’joob?
Second and Third Doctors: What?

Story Code: C10.1.
Production Code: RRR.
Story Number: 65.
Countdown week: 23…

Well, this story is all a lot of fun isn’t it?

It’s sad that Hartnell didn’t get more of a look in, but great that all three actors could be brought together onscreen. The villain of the piece was intriguing enough to become part of the Who mythos for years to come. The Gel Guards and the CSO are slightly wobbly, but perhaps add to the charm.

The Three Doctors review

It started a tradition of “The x Doctors” (where x is a varying number) and it’s one of the best of this tradition (with Nu-Who’s Time Crash being of the same tradition even if it doesn’t share the title format.)

Rating: 4/5


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