Doctor Who C10.2: Carnival of Monsters review

Carnival of MonstersCarnival of Monsters  review

Vorg: Our purpose is to amuse, simply to amuse… Nothing serious, nothing political.

Story Code: C10.2.
Production Code: PPP.
Story Number: 66.
Countdown week: 22…

Robert Holmes “Doctor Who’s greatest ever scriptwriter” (as he is usually described, probably accurately) – after a couple of interesting Troughton stories, his four Pertwee stories are when Holmes really began to shine. In between the duo of stories that introduced the iconic Autons and the story that introduced the iconic Sontarans is this gem.

Occuring after the Earth-bound Third Doctor has been given free reign of the TARDIS by the Time Lords (all of space, past and future), it’s curious that it’s a Hartnell-era-esque “sideways” step.

Carnival of Monsters review

With a flannelling older gent and a glam assistant (and Vorg and his assistant too) it precedes Moffat’s fascination with postmodern winks to Doctor-Who-as-telly, and does it as cleverly as any of those Nu-Who scripts.

As I said, a gem.

Rating: 5/5


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