Doctor Who 4.17CiN: The End of Time, Part One, Children in Need scene review


The End of Time, Part One, Children in Need scenepic

The Doctor: Try and make an Ood laugh…

Review and BBC YouTube of the scene after the jump…

It begins…

In the tradition of The Five Doctors, Dimensions in Time, Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death, Born Again, Time Crash, a scene from The Next Doctor, there is now this scene broadcast on Children in Need night.

Viewed soon after broadcast of The Waters of Mars, the change in tone from that previous installment is noticeable, though the Doctor does acknowledge he has been summoned.

In the interim he has “had a bit of fun” “saw the phosphorus carousel”, “saved a planet”, “named a galaxy Alison”, and married Queen Bess (and something more is cheekily suggested) apparently. There is an undercurrent to the “fun” as the Doctor has been avoiding this meeting with Ood Sigma, dreading it. After the TARDIS lock gag, the uneasy mood of hilarity continues as the Doctor wanders through the snow, hat, shades and hula chain.pic

However the mood quickly darkens as the Doctor meets the Ood Elder, shares the “bad dreams” and the Doctor proclaims “that man is dead”. So it seems like a bridging 3 minutes from Christmas mince-pie-munching and relaxing into something more doom-laden…

Scene star rating:**** (out of a possible five)
(Donate to Children in Need here: Pudsey link)

(The Waters of Mars still on iplayer)


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