Doctor Who C10.4: Planet of the Daleks review


Planet of the DaleksPlanet of the Daleks review

Taron: In our legends there is a being, a figure from another planet who came to Skaro when the Thals were in their greatest peril. In something called a TARDIS. He had three companions.

Story Code: C10.4.
Production Code: SSS.
Story Number: 68.
Countdown week: 20…

Terry Nation created the Daleks for Doctor Who, and scriptwrote for them throughout the First Doctor’s era (after which he tried to interest the USA with Daleks without Doctor Who.) This story then was the return of Nation scriptwriting his most famous creation for Doctor Who.pic review

A sequel of sorts to his original story The Daleks, it is more of a remake really. It is not the greatest Dalek story. The next few Daleks serials after this would be penned by Terry Nation too, though this story has none of the depth or fun of some of those later stories.

Rating: 2/5


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