Doctor Who C10.5: The Green Death review


The Green DeathThe Green Death review

The Doctor: Metebelis 3, Jo? Or where else would you like to go? You choose for yourself.
Jo Grant: But I’ve only got ten minutes.
The Doctor: Jo, you’ve got all the time in the world… and all the space. I’m offering them to you.

Story Code: C10.5.
Production Code: TTT.
Story Number: 69.
Countdown week: 19…

One of the eras that Nu-Who seems to draw inspiration from quite a lot is the Pertwee era: a fair few Earth stories with an expanded central cast, the frequency of UNIT – the idea of a love story between the Doctor and his companion too.

The Green Death review

Sure there was something about a mug of cocoa, in The Aztecs but this episode dares to present the Doctor as a love rival for the subject of one of his TARDIS companion’s affections, offering not a diamond but a sapphire to try and ensure they remain a couple.

The actual main story with the mines and maggots I find a bit of a slog stretched out to six parts, but because of the subplot about the Doctor and Jones and Jo, it’s an above-par story for sure.

Rating: 4/5


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