Doctor Who C21.7: The Twin Dilemma review


The Twin DilemmaThe Twin Dilemma review

The Doctor: The sound of giant slugs!

Story Code: C21.7.
Production Code: 6S.
Story Number: 136.
Countdown week: 6…

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Ranking at #200 in the DWM 2009 survey of the 200 stories, this was the next story broadcast after the #1 story. Why was it voted #200? That the Doctor greets his companion with such animosity is one reason it’s not rated highly. A strange way to introduce the new Doctor at the end of the season considering the months the audience would have to wait for other episodes to balance out the shock of this. However, there are many other reasons, from the thin plot with terrible dialogue, to the stilted acting and gaudy production design (including the unveiling of the multi-coloured coat for Doctor Six.)

The Twin Dilemma reviewAn energetic and theatrical performance from Colin Baker, the grand and flowery language is perhaps in part meaning to illustrate this Doctor blustering his way through the post-regeneration trauma, yet elements of this style would remain throughout this era, though less mannered than this initial story.

Not the worst DW story really, but perhaps thought of as such because it is a prominent link in the narrative of DW – there should have been a great launch for the new Doctor after the great farewell to the previous one.

Rating: 1/5

The BBC have recently put the whole story on YouTube, click through for Episode 1…

2 Responses to “Doctor Who C21.7: The Twin Dilemma review”

  1. dailypop Says:

    It’s funny how Twin Dilemma features some of the best acting by Colin Baker as the Doctor and yet it is nearly unwatchable. The plot is just awful and the production values laughable. My favorite moment is when the audience is show the HQ of the space police and it is obviously a slightly redressed Chinese restaurant set!

    ‘We MUST rescue those two boy geniuses and get more tea to table four!’

  2. John Nor Says:

    Yes, I agree that Colin Baker is very good in some scenes, despite the terrible script and some dubious scenes (he does have some good lines too.)

    Yup, the sets are terrible too, with, for once, the myth of “Doctor Who tin foil sets” actually onscreen.

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