Doctor Who showrunner Moffat says “I hope the Tories don’t win”

Talking to the Guardian newspaper, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat today describes his fears for the BBC and Doctor Who should the Tories win the 2010 general election – “I hope the Tories don’t win”.Moffat on Tories

“Can you imagine how shit everything would be?” he asks the Guardian in today’s interview, imagining a world without the BBC.

Moffat speaks out

Click for link to Guardian interview. The article says Moffat – “isn’t chilled by the thought of malevolent monsters, unappealing aliens or sinister villains soon to appear in the Whoniverse. Rather, he winces at the prospect of a Conservative government”.

He is not the only Whopremo to fear for the BBC and Doctor Who under a Tory goverment.

RTD speaks out

Previous Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies spoke to the Mirror in December of last year. The Mirror wrote (click for link for full the article):

‘Russell T Davies has warned the BBC will be dismantled by the Tories if they get into power next year.

The Doctor Who writer is convinced that a move to freeze the licence fee by the Conservatives will be the beginning of the end for the corporation.

He says: “It’s going to be appalling. Jeremy Hunt [shadow culture secretary] has absolutely attacked the licence fee and then suddenly, a few weeks ago, he back-tracked and said, ‘Oh no, we won’t interfere with the charter’.

“They want the votes but once they get in they are going to be absolutely vicious. I think the BBC has got five or six years left. …” ‘

Before the recently announced BBC digital re-think about 6music and more (designed to placate Tory pressure) RTD said of the Tories – “They’ll freeze the licence fee and persuade Daily Mail readers it’s the right thing to do by saying they’re getting rid of all those digital channels they don’t watch, that’s the language they’ll use.”

David Tennant speaks out

Doctor Who star David Tennant (the 10th Doctor onscreen) has also spoken out, to Doctor Who Magazine:

“Clearly, the Labour Party is not without some issues right now and I do get frustrated. They need to sort some stuff out, but they’re still a better bet than the Tories.”

“I would rather have Gordon Brown than David Cameron. I would rather have a Prime Minister who is the cleverest person in the room than a Prime Minister who looks good in a suit.”

“I think David Cameron is a terrifying prospect. I think he’s a regional newsreader who will jump on whatever bandwagon flies past.”

“I get quite panicked that people are buying his rhetoric, because it seems very manipulative.”

Click for link to BBC news coverage of the DWM magazine interview.

Moffat and RTD and David Tennant love the BBC (as does this blog) – we can hope the Tories don’t win, but please remember Doctor Who fans to vote in the UK election this year if you can.


One Response to “Doctor Who showrunner Moffat says “I hope the Tories don’t win””

  1. Remus Says:

    Damn look like you guys are in for a spot of bother now that Cameron is the prime minister but hey it’s a coalition government so hopefully Clegg as deputy can exert some influence to stop the dreaded close of the BBC.

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