Election Broadcast: Dr Who Jon Pertwee quoted by Sean plus Tennant, as Peter Davison declares support

Two former Doctors (of the programme Doctor Who) declared their support for who to vote for in the election yesterday, with the son of a third (The Third) doing likewise…

Sean Pertwee (who quotes his father Jon Pertwee – “Don’t give up!”) stars in the Labour’s Party Election Broadcast ‘The Road Ahead’, which also features a (Tenth Doctor) David Tennant voiceover at the end…

Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor) said in the Observer (guardian.co.uk) yesterday (click for link)…

“I’ll be voting Labour without a doubt. I tremble at the idea we might put a Tory government back into power. I think back to the last time a Conservative government was running the country and can’t believe we might do it. I’m also a big Brown fan; he might not have that slick charm that we seem to buy into these days, as we did with Blair, which turned into a big mistake, and as we seem to be doing with Cameron. With Brown, it’s substance over style; he’s a career politician, who has spent his life working to help people. I like that he isn’t slick, unlike Cameron, who’s only been in politics for a few years.”

Remember UK Doctor Who fans, to register to vote – you have until 20th April – click here for http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/ (about how to register.)


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