The Daleks of the Radio Times Election Special

The Beast Below cliffhangerThe Radio Times have (in their “Election Special”) unveiled the “new-look” Daleks before the next DW story Victory of the Daleks (read on if you are fine with knowing some of the plot before the broadcast…)

The link to the Radio Times gallery of Daleks.

This blog has its own way of summarising the Daleks that went before (based on one mention of “Mark III travel machines”) – a quick recap…

Mk II and Mk IIa

The Mk II Daleks (featured in the second ever Doctor Who serial The Daleks, in 1963) run on static power through contact with the floor of a city on Skaro. The Mk II design was added to, to include a dish to receive power – the Mk IIa (so they can trundle about the Earth in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.)

Mk III and Mk I

During Sixties Doctor Who, after the two earliest broadcast Dalek stories, “power slats” appeared – Mk III – so the Daleks could trundle about freely wherever. In “flashback” story Genesis of the Daleks broadcast in 1975 it was explained they were “Mark III travel machines” created by Davros on Skaro (Davros’s travel machine being Mk I). Presumably the Mk II Daleks were an earlier attempt by Davros.

Mk IIIa and Mk IV

In stories broadcast from 1979 to 1988 – the Mk IIIa and Mk IV. The slightly more “robot-like” Daleks of Destiny of the Daleks, (although from the outside they were no different) are Mk IIIa. After the regular grey Daleks rebel, Davros creates his own Daleks loyal to him – white and gold Daleks with a slightly different design: Mk IV.

Mk V Daleks

The Daleks of the RTD era, the broadcast of which started in 2005. Bronze in colour, with the traditional power slats and other elements essentially the same, but a slightly more “gritty” nuts’n’bolts aesthetic. Another tradition is a Black Dalek to signify some sort of commander.

MK VI Daleks (Link to the Radio Times gallery of these Daleks.)

The new Mk VI design of the Radio Times seems to be a mixture of Mk II (no power slats) and the colour scheme of the pre-Mk V Daleks (although, being an “Election Special”, the three colours of the three different covers are for Labour and Lib Dems and Tories!)

Just as the new TARDIS for 2010 seems to echo the (not-BBC-Doctor-Who) Dalek films of the Sixties, it seems there may be an echo of those Daleks too.

Remember UK Doctor Who fans, to register to voteclick here for (about how to register.) “If you’re not registered to vote, you must register by 20 April to be able to vote on 6 May.”


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