Doctor Who-esque drama: Sherlock and The Deep

Some thoughts on some BBC drama on BBC One this month…

Sherlock (with two eps of three already broadcast) and The Deep (starts tomorrow) are two dramas that have been made in the after-Nu-Who television landscape.

Of course, Doctor Who was influenced by Sherlock Holmes – Classic Season 14 ends with two stories featuring the Doctor-as-detective, The Robots of Death and The Talons of Weng-Chiang, this latter story not just the Doctor-as-detective but also Doctor-as-Sherlock. This Doctor Who story, with both criminal societies and theatrics from China has certain similarities with the Sherlock story broadcast yesterday – co-creators of the 21st Century Sherlock series (and Doctor Who fans, writers) Moffat and Gatiss are surely aware of this. There seems to be a “hall of mirrors” of influence between the two programmes, Doctor Who and Sherlock.

The Deep seems to be a “Base Under Siege” story in the Doctor Who tradition (though that’s just the impression from the preview trailers.)

As for the programme Doctor Who, this blog will be reviewing more Classic stories in the future, (after reviewing one story a week for 52 weeks – 39 Classic and the 13 of the latest season – the blog is on a hiatus.)

More on the next Doctor Who reviews on the blog soon…

Sherlock (programmes page link with iPlayer)
Sundays BBC One.

The Deep (programmes page link with iPlayer)
Tuesdays BBC One. Five-part drama.


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