11 links for 11 Doctors and 47 years of Doctor Who

A miscellany of linkblogging for the 47th anniversary of the first BBC broadcast of Doctor WhoDoctor Who 47th Anniversary

First – “An Unearthly Cast” from bbc.co.uk/archive .

Second – “Doctor Who and the Cybermen” by Gerry Davis, Penguin style.

Third – They started off with The Time Warrior and continue now in Big Finish.

Fourth – His finest season? Reviewed by this blog!.

Fifth – The Five Doctors and more AND their companions in cake form.

Sixth – Writers from Sixth Doctor era feature in the “top” and “bottom” top 5s from Siskoid.

Seventh – The Daily P.O.P. reviews Silver Nemesis, the 25th Anniversary Doctor Who story.

Eighth – Eighth Doctor portrait.

Ninth – Another portrait of sorts, The “Last Son of Gallifrey” via Siskoid again.

Tenth – SeeSaw.com have for Tuesday the opportunity to rent “Series 2” of RTD’s Doctor Who for 99p.

Eleventh – “Podcast: Two Men and a Tardis” – Tom Harris MP in conversation with Steven Moffat talking about Sherlock and Doctor Who.


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