Doctor Who and Shakespeare: the Top 5 soliloquies

As there’s a Shakespeare “event” on BBC Four today, the first in an irregular series of “Doctor Who and Shakespeare”…DW

DWDWMacbeth, BBC Four, today 7.30pm – the same producers as Tennant’s television Hamlet (and both productions feature Patrick Stewart.)

Blink is great fun but no soliloquies as such from the Doctor, as there’s two layers of talking-to-the-camera (so not in Top 5 Doctor Who soliloquies.)

Number 5. The one every Doctor Who fan seems to be aware of – when the First Doctor in “The Feast of Steven” of The Daleks’ Master Plan wishes the audience a Merry Christmas.

Number 4. The Face of Evil: when the Doctor arrives from the TARDIS, he says to audience, talking to the camera:

“I think this is not Hyde Park. Could be a nexial discontinuity. Must remember to overhaul those tracers. Put a knot in my hanky.”

(Already has a knot in his hanky.)

“I wonder what that was for. Little look round, Doctor? Why not.”

DWNumber 3. The Shakespeare Code, appropriately, a witch:

“Soon at the hour of woven words we shall rise again and this fleeting Earth will perish!”

DWNumber 2. The Caves of Androzani, the Sixth Doctor gives his opinion to the viewers:

“Change my dear… and it seems not a moment too soon!”

DWNumber 1. The Caves of Androzani, again.

Morgus: the king of the Doctor Who soliloquy.


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