Repeat of Eighth Doctor & Lucie on BBC7: Orbis

Eighth DoctorLucie

Eighth Doctor & Lucie on BBC7 again.

Listen again, for up to 7 days after broadcast, click here.

Sundays, 6pm and midnight, as the usual BBC7 timeslot.

Orbis 12 December 2010 and 19 December 2010 (Ep 1 of 2 is on iPlayer having been broadcast.)

This story has been previously broadcast on BBC7.

The other stories broadcast as part of that “season”:

The Beast of Orlok
The Scapegoat
The Cannibalists

However, the Christmas Radio Times has something else for Sunday the 26th. Maybe the rest of this “season” will be repeated, maybe not. (Those four stories are actually only half the stories that were the CD audio version of “Season 3”.)

This blog likes the BBC7 Eighth Doctor & Lucie stories but has to say BBC7 schedules them in an odd way sometimes – and no repeat for this story (link)?

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