The reviews from this blog 2011

What is this blog reviewing of Doctor Who in 2011?

Next up is a review of A Christmas Carol.

In the new year, beginning Saturday January 8th 2011, a review of The 1996 TV Movie, then reviews of an episode each Saturday after that of Doctor Who Season 27 (RTD Season 1), the Eccleston Doctor, for 13 weeks.

After that: around that time is the start of Doctor Who Season 32 (Moffat Season 2) – the first half! – weekly reviews of that for 7 weeks.

The rest of the year and it’s a review a week – alternating Classic seasons with Nu-Who broadcasts – with the idea of 52 weeks of Doctor Who reviews (hopefully.)

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – the review schedule for these is “sometime”!

Also reviews of the next season of Torchwood next year too, as it broadcasts in 2011.

A happy new year to all readers of this blog!


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