Repeat of Season 3 of Eighth Doctor & Lucie on BBC Radio 4 Extra

Eighth DoctorLucie

As BBC7 rebrands as BBC Radio 4 Extra (at 6am tomorrow morning!) the third season of Eighth Doctor & Lucie is repeated as part of this relaunch – unlike the previous seasons on BBC7, these stories are two episodes of 30 minutes, though the time of broadcast is the same (ish), 6.30pm and half-past-midnight for the repeat.

Orbis 4 & 5 April 2011
The Beast of Orlok 6 & 7 April 2011
The Scapegoat 8 & 11 April 2011
The Cannibalists – time of broadcast to be confirmed.

Listen again online, for up to 7 days after broadcast, click here.

There’s actually four other narratives in the Big Finish version of this season – this is the (previously broadcast) BBC version of the season (just these four)! Still cool though.


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