Doctor Who: The Prequel to Episode 1 review


The Prequel to Episode 1The Prequel to Episode 1 review

Nixon: Hello this is the President of the United States, who is this?

Doctor Who Season: S32.
Story Number: n/a, though prequel to 214.

An intriguing couple of minutes…

It’s very “Moffat-y”, what with the eerie child’s voice over the telephone.

“Young lady there are no monsters in the Oval Office” and the tape spooling round obviously riff on what we know of the actual Nixon. It’s quite startling though to actually have a historical figure featured in a story set in the span of the programme Doctor Who (1963 onwards). Though there’s been other “historical” stories set during this time (e.g. Remembrance of the Daleks) they’ve never really been about actual specific historical events.

This is the first “prequel” of the season though there’s more to come. They seem more integrated to the overall Doctor Who plan than the similar TARDISodes, as though they are intended as a preview, this one was broadcast on the telly yesterday. Next, it’s the actual episode, The Impossible Astronaut at 6pm on BBC One, today.

The season begins…

(The Prequel via link)


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