The reviews from this blog 2011 – week 25 onwards

After the first 24 reviews of this year of 52 reviews, what next?

Next up are reviews, reviewing one episode as week, of RTD’s second season, (the Tenth Doctor’s first season), each Sunday.

In addition to the weekly Doctor Who reviews –  reviews of the next season of Torchwood will begin soon, whenever it begins. (Plus the new Torchwood radio plays of 11-13 July.)

After that there should be six new episodes of Doctor Who broadcast (to complete Moffat’s second season), they will be reviewed for six weeks.

After that, it’s Classic Season 22 (the Sixth Doctor), a story reviewed each week, which should be complete about Christmas.

A summary of the past 24 weeks of Doctor Who reviews…

“Week zero”
A Christmas Carol

Week 1
The 1996 TV Movie

Weeks 2-14
RTD Season 1

Week 15
Born Again

Week 16
Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Space and Time

Weeks 17-23
Moffat Season 2 (the first half)

(With Ep4 and Ep5 and Ep6 reviewed “the Sunday after”, so the week before Ep7 review as Week 22…
River Song – the story so far)

Week 24
The Christmas Invasion


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