Doctor Who: Prequel to Let’s Kill Hitler review


Prequel to Let’s Kill HitlerThe Prequel review

Amy: Doctor…

Doctor Who Season: S32.
Story Number: n/a, though prequel to 219.

Something a bit different for this prequel…

The difference between this “prequel” (the are more accurately preludes to specific episodes) and the others is that it falls between two episodes that form one story. We know the Doctor is looking for Melody to return her to Amy, and it seems like a way of emphasising the passage of time between these two episodes – a lot of time has passed for the Doctor and for us too, with the very first “mid-season” break since Season 14, this break also being in the story A Good Man Goes to War/Let’s Kill Hitler.

It acts as a “previously” as much as a trailer, with Amy’s phone message recapping as it floats over the seemingly deserted TARDIS. The punchline of this short-story being the Doctor doesn’t want to pick up the phone as he hasn’t found Melody. It’s a rare glimpse of the Doctor not in any way in control of the situation.

Unlike the other prequels which were very much prologues, it’s self-contained, a sketch, a complete thing-in-itself, as presumably, this being Doctor Who, there will be a new status quo to come and a somewhat more upbeat ending than this to the two-parter…

Next, it’s the actual episode, Let’s Kill Hitler at 7.10pm on BBC One, Saturday.

(The Prequel via link)

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