The next 44 weeks of 2012

What is this blog reviewing of Doctor Who in 2012 (for the next 44 weeks)?

Starting next Sunday with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, there will be a new review every Sunday.

The next 2 weeks after that two more Christmas Specials reviewed.

After that: Doctor Who Season 29 (RTD Season 3) – weekly reviews of that for 13 weeks.

Then ten weeks of Torchwood.

Taking us up to the 49th Anniversary week of Doctor Who will be…

The Sixth Doctor’s era – The Twin Dilemma, Season 22, Season 23, (Season 23 which has already been reviewed but this time it will be in four segments).

The first two seasons of the Seventh Doctor’s era – Season 24 and Season 25 with the Anniversary “celebration” Silver Nemesis in the 49th Anniversary week.

(Season 21 and Season 26 have already been reviewed.)

So everything from Season 21 to Season 32 will have been reviewed (e.g. the last dozen seasons of Doctor Who).

23rd November 2012 and the next phase of the blog will be clear…

Update June 16th, 2012: As it seems Season 33 of Doctor Who could well be being broadcast during September 2012, a slight change.

Instead of seasons of the Sixth and Seventh Doctors reviewed Autumn 2012, the new Eleventh Doctor season.

There is still an amorphous plan for this blog to review “everything from Season 21 to Season 32” before anything else Classic, but schedule to be confirmed.

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