Some stats for the RTD seasons and Moffat seasons

dwSome stats on how this blog has rated the episodes of each season of the 21st Century of Doctor Who


RTD Season 1
(Doctor Who Season 27)

— 13 episodes, with an average score of 4.077 —

Note as this starting season doesn’t include a Christmas Special in its boxset, we’ll just consider this meaning of “season” – that is we’ll be ignoring this century’s Christmas Specials for this summary. Maybe another summary later will include them.

(Classic Doctor Who stories and 21st Century Doctor Who episodes – ratings range from 1 to 5.)


RTD Season 2
(Doctor Who Season 28)

— 13 episodes, with an average score of 4.000 —


RTD Season 3
(Doctor Who Season 29)

— 13 episodes, with an average score of 4.000 —

(Evolution of the Daleks counterbalances the supreme last six of the season.)


RTD Season 4
(Doctor Who Season 30)

— 13 episodes, with an average score of 4.231 —


The Five
– apples and oranges really when compared to the seasons (as an artefact of DW scheduled broadcasting, they are an anomaly) so not really covered by these musings.

Moffat 1

Moffat Season 1
(Doctor Who Season 31)

— 13 episodes, with an average score of  4.538 —

That’s 59 out of a possible 65. Impressive.

It’s because of: The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, Amy’s Choice, Vincent and the Doctor, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang. (And a lack of any less-than-good episodes.)

Moffat 2

Moffat Season 2
(Doctor Who Season 32)

— 13 episodes, with an average score of 4.538 —

(Another 59.)

Written like that it seems astonishing, but consider this: the season contains

The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon, The Doctor’s Wife, A Good Man Goes to War, Let’s Kill Hitler, The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, and The Wedding of River Song.

That’s well over half the season being episodes that are obviously some of the most magnificent Doctor Who episodes ever.

So, yes, it’s high scores for the latest two seasons – then again this blog regards them as two of the greatest Doctor Who seasons ever broadcast (so it does all make sense).

Note that the RTD seasons are still scoring spectacularly too.

Some Classic context – Season 21 – a season that, (with seven stories) has a majority of 4/5-or-5/5 stories, also has three that are 1/5. (This blog has reviewed some of the generally best-regarded Classic seasons to begin with. So the other six Classic seasons already reviewed will tend to be scoring higher than the norm.)

— Season 21, average story score is 3.000 —

So what does all this scoring stats “science” illustrate?

That this is a new golden age for Doctor Who, the 21st Century.

UPDATED AFTER 2017 RETHINK: some changes to scoring of RTD Season 4, and link added to 2017 summary of Christmas Specials


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