New costumes for the Eighth and Eleventh Doctors

New costumes in recent weeks for two of the Doctors of Doctor Who

costume 11th

The BBC Doctor Who website unveiled the new look in June while saying:

We’ve got three new photographs of Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, all taken whilst filming the latest series of Doctor Who.

It seems that with the era of a new companion the Doctor changes his costume colour scheme to aubergine and grey.

This week a new style for the Eighth Doctor from Big Finish.

costume 8th

Big Finish says:

We’re proud to release the cover image for the upcoming Dark Eyes box set, featuring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, Ruth Bradley as Molly, Toby Jones as Kotris and the Daleks!

It’s actually a costume first seen at the at the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo (Auckland, New Zealand) in 2010, with a new sonic from Weta Workshop. New hairstyle too. (Plus a man bag – the strap of which can be seen on this cover.)

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3 Responses to “New costumes for the Eighth and Eleventh Doctors”

  1. S.W. King Says:

    I really like the 8th Doctor’s new costume. And I’m super excited that Toby Jones is in “Dark Eyes”!

    • John Nor Says:

      I really enjoyed the Eighth Doctor and Lucie adventures when BBC Radio 4 Extra (or, earlier, BBC7) broadcast them so I’m very interested in this “next chapter”.

    • S.W. King Says:

      Yeah, 8 and Lucie were great. I’m looking forward to being employed again so I can start throwing some money toward Big Finish.

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